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    Rosanna is a powerful woman who brandishes a heated passion for sexual adventure whilst feeding upon classic romance and human interaction. She is easily one of the most talented and beautiful girls in the Beijing escort industry and no client of hers will ever tell you differently. She has a God-given beautiful face, an amazing body that she works on every day for hours, and an ass that will make you forget there are other asses out there. In addition to her sexual prowess, Rosanna is a charming girl with an accommodating personality that will set you at ease, even if it’s your first meeting. She is a woman who specializes in her trade and has no problem taking control of the situation should she get the impression that her partner is slightly timid. That being said, she does love it when a man takes her as his own and takes her on a hurricane of a sexual journey. Whether you want a slow, passionate lovemaking session, or to bend Rosanna over the kitchen counter and take her right there, she is the girl you are looking for.